This is my first article, so I want to quickly introduce myself. I have been working as a Data Engineer at Bukalapak since December 2017. Back in the days, I was so interested in the growth of data as companies today are re-architecture to become fully digital. Therefore, I was so motivated to learn more about Big Data platforms and the real implementations in a company. …

In the previous article, I talked about Change Data Capture as a Gateway to the Big Data and Streaming Platforms. What is the CDC? What is the impact on business metrics? How does our team decide to build in-house our CDC project? How does our team migrate our CDC from Debezium to Gargantua?

In this article, I want to talk more about a few insights into Gargantua. I will use one of the Gargantua connectors for MySQL and explain some of the components. Gargantua MySQL connector is a connector to capture any data changes from the MySQL database by reading…

David Christianto

Data Engineering at Bukalapak, have the interest to become a solution architect

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